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IntelliCulture's mission is to make farming more profitable through fleet management. We provide farms with the tools to monitor their equipment and be able to make meaningful business decisions from that data. Our analytics, accessible through our web platform, identify operational inefficiencies to the farmer, and provide the data needed to make more informed management decisions.

Real-Time Feedback

  • Live GPS location

  • Prevent theft

  • Diagnostic alerts

  • Decrease fuel consumption

Operational Analytics

  • Ensure proper spray coverage

  • Optimize tractor routes

  • Cost analysis of fuel & repairs

  • Clarity into budgeting and work

Capital Expenditure Insight

  • Transferring to a different equipment manufacturer

  • Farm expansion consulting

  • Choosing gas or electric for powering vehicle fleet

How it Works

Our focus is to collect data from your agricultural equipment and provide insights through  THREE simple steps:



Connect IntelliCulture loggers to vehicles in your fleet.


Review recommendations and analyses through the IntelliCulture portal.


Save money & gain peace of mind.

It's that simple. 

What our analysis can do for you

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Operational Analytics

As the logger is collecting data, IntelliCulture crunches numbers in the background to offer our second feature – data analytics and automated operational efficiency recommendations. These recommendations are generated on a monthly basis and provide savings projections based on the actions that are recommended.

Real-Time Feedback

A real-time view of the farm’s fleet of equipment. In this view, farm operation managers can see a snapshot of their fleet through our web portal or mobile app. We present data such as live GPS location, idle warnings, and route suggestions getting the farm instant returns.


Capital Expenditure Insight

By aggregating a large amount of data over multiple seasons, IntelliCulture can provide farms  insight on large capital investments such as equipment purchasing and maintenance, IntelliCulture’s logger can monitor farm equipment to provide preventative maintenance recommendations, while the data we collect informs personalized recommendations on the right equipment to buy next.

Tractors Parked in the Crop Field

Statements From Media

Why it matters: Farmers can save time, labour and expense by operating their equipment as efficiently as possible. Producers may have moved their equipment in a certain way for years but the data may suggest a more efficient route.



Last July, IntelliCulture pitched and won $5,000 at the 22nd Velocity Fund Finals (VFF)...IntelliCulture uses the data to identify inefficiencies, recommend corrective actions, and help farmers to cut cost and make farming more profitable.


IntelliCulture's main goal is to make farming more profitable... Using an IntelliCulture data logger connected to each vehicle's system, data is collected, transmitted to the Cloud and displayed on a user-friendly interface, identifying inefficiencies in farming operations.


Equipment Management Checklist

The Equipment Management Checklist is a comprehensive checklist that highlights some equipment management best practices that our team has put together.

Download your free checklist now:


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